Whistleblowing Health Check

A whistleblowing programme consists of more than a hotline. Have you implemented mechanisms to supplement a hotline? How holistic is your programme? Would your programme pass muster as part of a corporate governance, risk management or compliance process assurance review?

To learn more and test your whistleblowing programme’s effectiveness, take our health check below.

Industry Category:     
Industry Sub Category:     
Size of organisation (Employee number):     
Size of forensic competency (Employee number):     

Effectiveness and efficiency of whistleblowing

Do you have an existing whistleblowing hotline that is freely available for use 24/7 by your stakeholders?     
Do you have insight into the volume and type of reports received in your industry?     
Are your awareness programmes risk-based and targeted to the objectives of the line?     

Organisational culture / Perception of employees

Do you know what would prevent your employees from blowing the whistle?

Central case management

Is the progress and status management of investigations automated?     
Do you have case dockets filed electronically with easy access from investigation to criminal prosecution?     
Are statistical reports to board committees manually compiled?     

Outcomes of investigations

What is the average time taken to close an investigation?     
In your perception, what is the outcome of most of these investigations?     

Controls and Remediation

Are the controls within your organisation well-documented and complied with to mitigate against irregular activity occurring in the first place?     
Is root cause analysis undertaken and remedial action implemented to identify and remedy the control failure or weakness that led to the unethical or irregular behaviour occurring?